Whether you want a general handy person to help you with a few small repairs to your home, building work, putting up shelves, fitting curtain rails, plastering or painting a bedroom, flat pack furniture assembly, fitting handrails, plumbing or electrical work, Evans Management Property Trades People can quickly and efficiently fix a range of issues.

Plastering Services

Our plastering service includes fitting plasterboard to the underside of the existing walls or ceilings and carrying out work that only needs to be made good and then plastered.

Plastering Services EMPT London
Vent Mesh Mouse Protection

Wallpapering Services

Our wall papering work includes lining and papering walls. Removing and considering the impact of walls that are not straight and sound and removing existing wallpaper. Customers supply their own wallpaper.

Painting & Decorating

Our painting of rooms service includes repainting walls and ceiling with two coats of emulsion. We check if existing plaster is in good condition before we proceed with painting

Painting and Decorating Services London
Painting and Caulking Services EMPT London

Repainting of Woodwork

Our repainting of woodwork includes assessing the condition of items such as skirting boards, door frames sometimes window frames and if the existing gloss painting is sound and of good quality but discoloured – we rub down, undercoat and paint with gloss.

Vent Mesh Mouse Protection

Mice can squeeze through gaps the thickness of a pencil and one of the most common ways for mice to enter your property is through the holes in air bricks. House mice can also rapidly procreate right through the year and may produce between 5 and 10 litters. Our supply and fitting of air brick protection mesh contributes to addressing the problem of mice using your air bricks as a door to your home. Our household vent mesh mouse protection covering service included supplying and fitting mesh protection.

Mice Protection EMPT London
Kitchen and Bathroom Tiling Services London

Kitchen & Bathroom Tiling

Tiling can be an attractive way to decorate your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas of your home. It protects walls and floors from water damage and can be easy to wipe and clean. Our tiling service includes a range of services including using ceramic tiles supplied by customers, removing existing tiles, re-tiling walls, and adding a sub-floor for floor tiles. Contact us about your tiling needs.

General Handyman Services

General Handyman Services London
White Van Man Services London

White Van Man/Women service

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